SKOH rivière

                                                         Henning Schmiedt : piano, Koko Taylor : flûtes à bec, S.F. : percussions

                               Un trio "de chambre" berlino-genevois, des compositions originales, un son poétique, profond et… beau!

                                                                                        Sortie du premier CD : bientôt!

                                  A "chamber" trio from Berlin and Geneva, original compositions, a poetic, deep and... beautiful sound!

                                                                                          Release of the first CD: very soon!

Extraits :

    Addiction (H.Schmiedt)

   Yûsuke no uchi (S.Fournier)

CVs : 

Composer & concert pianist from Berlin. 

He played, arranged and produced for many international
artists like Mikis Theodorakis, Zülfü Livaneli, Maria Farantouri,
Jocelyn B. Smith, Wu Wei.
In addition to his collaborations he performs his original music in solo piano concerts.
Since 2008 he published for Tokyos label „flau“ seven Piano Solo albums with
original compositions. 
Awards: Jazz award of IFPI, German critics award, 
2nd price International Jazz Festival Hoeilaart

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
At the age of five and half, Koko won a propelling pencil from a national radio(NHK) who broadcasted her song about a cow being milked. At the same age, she started singing in a vocal trio with her two sisters under the supervision of her mother. She started to play the recorder at the age of six and obtained the diploma for recorder in 1986 from the Centre de Musique Ancienne in Geneva with Gabriel Garrido. She also learned to play the piano with Fusae Sakurai, flute with Chikatsuna Sasaki and Trix Kaut,  singing with Yumiko Tanno, oud (2 years in Irak) with Ustad Ruhi-al-Hammash, kena with the late Reymondo Thévenot, alphorn with Patrick Bielser, and tuba with Stéphane Metrayer, She learned the Swiss accordeon with Judith Zieri, clarinette with René Meyer and Jodel with Barbara Klossner.

She was a member of Heinrich Schutz Chor in Tokyo and the co-founder of the ensemble Daedalus (15th century music) in Geneva. She play with Sylvain Fournier in the duo N’imPorte Quoi. She played tuba with the Ernest Platini quartet and with Post TeneBrass Quintet, as well as with the village band "La Brante." Since 1992, she has toured in Switzerland, Germany, Jordan, France, Japan, USA and Poland with the "Christmas Trio" with Tomoko Masur and Rui dos Reis. 
She teached recorder for 25 years at the Consevatoire Populaire de Musique, Danse et Théâtre in Geneva, Switzerland.