Drums, Percussions and composition: Sylvain Fournier

Saxophones alto and baryton : Aina Rakotobe 

Tuba, recorder: Koko Taylor or Ian Gordon-Lennox

Piano : Jean Ferrarini

ERNEST PLATINI was formed in 2010 by myself in order to play my compositions with
a small acoustic ensemble.
Concerts are also preferably without sound-system in order to maintain a natural balance and
friendly proximity with the listeners.

The music of ERNEST PLATINI, a kind of optmistic jazz, is trying to be as contrasted as possible
while maintaining a sound unity.
The compositions explore eclectic territories but always with coherence.
A special place is reserved for improvisation in both the interpretation and the fine solos.

ERNEST PLATINI's music is mainly inspired by:
Guinga, The Raymond Scott Quintet, Hermeto Pascoal, Charles Mingus, Kurt Weill, Root 70, Thelonius Monk,
 Itibere Familia Orchestra, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Tiny Bell trio, Bill Frisell (80'-90'), André Minvielle, Duke Ellington,
popular musics from Brasil, Albania, Bulgaria, etc..



Dracula dans une brouette (CD 1) (mp3)

Leipziger (CD1) (wav)

Cristal Mayonnaise (démo 2011) (wav)

ERNEST PLATINI  in concert at l'AMR (2012)  
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