Hors-Bord Pour Pain 

What is a "Hors-Bord Pour Pain" (literally "Speed-Boat For Bread")?

Issued from some teenage-fun, this absurd name finally flew through the years to reappear in 2010 with a new volume.

HBPP is an "orchestra" with a weird line-up: one musician and a multi-track recorder (8 tracks tape once and now 16 tracks digital).

HBPP is my musics and songs recorded and mixed by myself in my apartment.

HBPP is a project started in 1990 who lasted 7 years (6 + 3 volumes of musical tales) before taking a sabbatical decade.

HBPP is a playground where anything goes and where I love to receive guests.

Volume 7 (the latest) is also embellished with wonderful musicial friends: Koko Taylor (tuba, recorder, voice), Ludovic Lagana (trumpet),
Nicolas Masson (bass clarinet), Sebastien Gendre (voice ), Yves Massy (trombone), and brace yourself, the Big Boss
 of Zabirrr: Yves Cerf himself playing kena and bass saxophone!

HBPP Volume VII (2011, CD)  54 min.  

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- Tohu-bohu contigu 

- J'aime les patates 

Rien que pour vos œils (1998, cassette) 60 min. 

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HBPP Volume VI  (1996, cassette) 64 min. 

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Fou de Sbrinz (paroles: Patrick Meyer et S.F.)

- Brenda

- Divertissement pour aspirateur buccal et ensemble thrash-metal 

La légende des burgers de l'angoisse (1994, cassette) 50 min.

HBPP Volume V   (1994, cassette) 63 min. 


Prisonnier dans une meringue

HBPP Volume IV   (1993, cassette) 50 min. 

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Arabiata Mustaphi

- Oui, danse! 

Les superbes histoires de Elvis le hibou (1993, cassette) 39 min. 

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HBPP Volume III   (1993, cassette) 56 min.

HBPP Volume II   (1992, cassette) 43 min.

HBPP Volume I   (1991, cassette) 49 minutes